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Pleading Insanity's Aries Stead has a lung disease and pulmonary hypertension that has no known underling cause. Every test has been performed and still no answer to what caused her devastating lung deterioration.Aries has about 25% of her left lung left and only about 35% of her right lung usage left.She is on oxygen 24/7 now. : ( The only other option Aries has is an open lung biopsy (which could kill her or put her on a ventilator for the rest of her life ).

She needs to be evaluated by the University of Miami for a double lung transplant and possibly a heart transplant.

These options are her only chance of survival. No one plays God and no one can number anyone's days. Aries and I have been struggling. Aries has returned to work but it is taking everything out of her to be there....Every day she is out of breath with severe swelling to her legs and feet and I ask her if she needs to go back to the hospital.....

Aries is on 9 different medications..... I have been unemployed for a month.... Please join us to raise money for Aries......... ♥

Love, Jackie.


* 3/7/2013 Just Breath. Aries Stead Fundraiser III : clik here

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* 9/24/2012 A message from Aries: clik here

*9/24/2012 Aries reccomends you visit:www.phassociation.org

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